Product development

Product development

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We are working to invent, develop, manufacture, market and consistently supply world-class high value-added plastic closures and dispensers, preferably with our own proprietary technology. The development of a new product - to offer solutions in line with our customers' requirements - has very high priority for us. BERICAP runs 4 major R&D centers, each specialized in certain areas of closure technology. These central R&D centers are complemented by satellite R&D centers in individual plants, to provide proximity to the market and the customers.

The product development centers offer:

  • Product development for closure and neck design
  • In-house sample piloting keeps your project confidential
  • Fully-equipped in-house test laboratories to check product performance according to:
    ◦ market needs
    ◦ your packaging specification
  • UN approval for transport of hazardous products
  • Carbonation and pressure retention, application and opeing performance
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Food compliance
Product development