Mold manufacturing

Mold manufacturing

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BERICAP own injection mold manufacturing

As a highly important and central element of our technology, we have our own injection mold manufacturing.
  • The mold contains the steel model of our products and hence defines the quality of our products.
  • The mold defines production efficiency, in terms of cavitation and cycle time.
  • The mold defines the technical know-how necessary to maintain and run the mold.

State of the art mold-making technology

As a supplier to global customers, we need to ensure the delivery of identical products to each customer location. Consequently, molds for the same product must be identical and spare parts exchangeable in every BERICAP location where this product is produced. The sourcing of spare parts must be guaranteed for mold maintenance. Every BERICAP location has a spare parts management that ensures a minimum level of necessary spares.

BERICAPs mold manufacturing plant serves as the source for identical molds and spare parts. In the event of mold defects due to design or materials, necessary corrective actions can be taken fast. We will continue to invest in modern, state of the art mold making technology and precision improvement.