Technical Services

Technical Services

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Technical service at its best

All our production sites guarantee a competent technical customer service, supporting our clients with the effective application of our closures. Based on our vast know-how, we help our customers with the safe application, increased line efficiency and smooth integration of our products.

For further convenience, we provide neck gauges and chucks suitable to our closures as well as our own capping heads. 
Technical service
Service close to our customers

Prior to the very first delivery of BERICAP closures, our technical service experts evaluate the production site. They conduct detailed measurements of the bottle neck in order to check if the neck fulfills the requirements and if the BERICAP closure is going to fit the neck. They also check the capper, the chuck, especially the grippers as well as sorter and chutes and – if necessary – consult the machine supplier. What follows is a test with one box of closures. Only if this is successful, longer test phases (first one to two hours, then on whole shift) will follow.

Thanks to our vast know-how from successful projects around the world, we are able to give insights and best practice cases. In order to be as close to our customers as possible, our technical service staff develops a close relationship to the key players at the plants and is ready for emergency visits by any time. We also provide our know-how to the technical marketing during their project management by undertaking line evaluations as well as trials and product testing in our own labs. BERICAP experts furthermore support the evolution of capping technologies.

Technical service

The triangle of success

The basis for our technical service and every single action we take is our triangle of success. It consists of the three corner posts:

  • closure
  • neck
  • application

If one of the technologies in the triangle is out of specification the system will not work or will only work with a low safety margin. Therefore, it is essential to keep all three technologies within the specified tolerances to achieve the highest safety margin possible for the total system.


We give advice within the line evaluation and – if necessary – adaption or setting of cappers and provide proper chucks fitting perfectly to BERICAP closures. Proprietary hysteresis capping heads are available, as well. We even get in contact directly with the capper and/or capping head manufacturer to safeguard that there will not be any loss of information within the communication process.
Technical service - Capping head
Neck finish

Neck finish

However, the neck finish must meet the requirements of specifications just like the closure. It also needs correct storage, handling and manufacturing conditions. Another key factor is the blow molding process. We support our customers by defining critical neck dimensions and accepted tolerances for a perfect fit of neck and closure, if desired in direct coordination with our clients’ suppliers. Our expert staff is available during the critical transition phase and is able to check and approve the necks and functionalities in case of neck failures.


Closure design and performance are defined during the development process for the entire BERICAP Group. The resulting product specifications, quality control measures as well as manufacturing method and equipment are strictly defined: no matter in which of our BERICAP plant the product is manufactured.

BERICAP injection mold manufacturing
Our own injection mold manufacturing guarantees that molds for one product are always identical.

All the above mentioned assures, that a BERICAP closure is identical no matter where produced.


BERICAP Technical Service