Tethered Caps

BERICAP Tethered Product Range

BERICAP Tethered Caps ClipAside Range

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Product Categories relevant for Tethered Caps

Still water - Press-on or screw cap

Still water 

  • Press-on or screw cap
Still water N2 flushed - Screw cap required

Still water N2 flushed 

  • Screw cap required
Aseptically filled beverages

Aseptically filled beverages 

  • Screw cap required
Carbonated beverages - Screw cap required

Carbonated beverages 

  • Screw cap required

Features & Benefits


  • Intuitive opening and closing
  • Affirmed, defined open position
  • Wide opening angle for Hazzle-free drinking, and Splash-free pouring
  • Fit for CEN Regulations:

                - min. 25 N tear-off resistance in vertical and horizontal direction

                - min. 15 opening and reclosing without tether breaking

Tethered functionality
From draw to deploy

Proven Compatibility

  • Proven compatibility with all major neck finishes
  • Availability of samples for line trials of all relevant neck finishes

Operations Excellence

  • For Bottlers
                 - No change to neck
                 - No change to filling equipment
                 - No change to capper, only adjustment of chuck
  • For Converters
                 - Use of existing production equipment: as little as possible                                  modification to the existing equipment
                 - Thanks to external slitting of the TE-bands high output per sqm
  • BERICAP in-house mold maker

                - Tethered cap features will lead to massive mold replacements:                         BERICAP mold building capacity has been built up to be                                     prepared for the expected tool capacity bottle neck of the market 

Operations excellence
From draw to deploy

Customer Flexibility

  • Tested and approved set of product solutions to meet
                - CEN regulation specifications
                - Consumer acceptance
                - Production and filling process requirements
  • Availability of samples for
                - Consumer testing on customer product
                - Filling line trials
  • Support with potentially necessary filling line modifications
  • Synchronisation with market introduction preparation

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