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Sustainable development


Responsibility of a family-owned-company for present and future generations

"We as BERICAP Group are committed to operate its business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We have the goal to optimize the use of non-renewable natural resources, energy and water to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and to encourage our suppliers to do so.”

Do you know the three R's of the environment?

  1. REDUCE:
    As far as possible, renounce the new
    acquisition / consumption
  2. REUSE:
    Use / reuse things as often as possible
    Only in the last instance is it then to recycle products

BERICAP Valves: 100% silicone-free

Valve behavior is a subjective performance criterion. Its dispensing and suction effect is highly dependent on the shape, material and weight of the bottle, product viscosity and marketing specifications.

Our BERICAP Valve is made of environmentally clean TPE which is safely separated with polyolefins in the PET recycling stream and 100% silicon-free. Our valve technology is available for standard as well as specific flip-top closures and necks and applicable to all squeezable products.

In the recycling process, our valves made of TPE swim in water and offer perfect separation possibilities. Thus contamination of the recycling stream can be avoided.

Valve, made of environmentally clean tamper evidence helps PET recycling - 100% silicon-free

REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE: Light weight for carbonated beverages – example: 26mm neck & closure

Light weight is a trend since 2007 for Food, Beverage and Industrial closures. BERICAP has optimized the material usage, so for the total development of neck and closure we save weight of 50% (from PCO 1810 to PET 26/22).

Light weight for carbonated beverages

red BERICAP closures made from sustainable resin

BERICAP supplies closures made from sustainable resin to meet milk consumers’ demand for “Bio” milk

BERICAP has produced its first test production of closures manufactured from sugar cane derived resin. The project was made in collaboration with a leading milk producer, and a well-known European supermarket.