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Counterfeit protection / Anti-counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting is a sensitive problem with serious consequences when it comes high-value products, brand protection and consumer safety. We offer a wide range of anti-counterfeit solutions, ranging from hard-to-manipulate tamper evidence bands to security labels, special engraving and laser codes in a variety of formats and designs.

The safest non-refillable closure in the world

BERICAP Liqproof has various tamper evidence features, and it is considered as the safest NRF (non-refillable) closure in the world.  

Some of its key features are the tamper evidence (TE) bridges, the click sound that the closure makes only during the first opening, and a red stripe that remains even after the closure is reclosed or forced to be reclosed. Moreover, if the closure is reclosed or tried to be over tightened, four dots/protrusions occur on the top. 

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Lubricants markets are heavily affected by counterfeits

Some markets are heavily affected by counterfeits - mainly refills, but also copies. Estimates say that approx. 20-25% of all lubricants in the market are affected by counterfeiting. In general, it is top tier products that are affected.

We continuously develop new anti-counterfeiting solutions, in order to be always one step ahead. It’s our aim to proactively support your product- and brand-protection activities.
Lubricants markets are heavily affected by counterfeits

Agrochemical counterfeit protection

Agrochemical counterfeit protection

All BERICAP closures for the agrochemical industry are manufactured according to international standards. They include a folded and slit tamper evidence band which is extremely difficult to manipulate and provides visual evidence through broken bridges after the first opening. Additional safety and venting options are available.


One of the most significant insights in marketing is that product customization influences consumer behavior. In recent years, our customers have regularly demanded customized products.

In addition, customization protects against sensitive product counterfeiting. Tailored packaging solutions are, among other things, an important measure in protecting our customers' brands.

This applies to Industrials products as well as to the food and beverage sector.


Lenticular closures: Move it and leave an amazed impression

BERICAP closures with lenticular effects are taken in hand and call for active engagement - so you not only leave a visual impression, but playfully transmit your product information. With the respective product, something positive is directly connected, the sympathy for the entire brand increases, the interest in the product is further promoted - thus all the goals of advertising are fulfilled in a playful way.

The closure is produced with a lenticular image, which can show different picture depending on the viewing angle. The technique is unique and more than difficult to copy. Thus, that kind of embossment is also a good anti-counterfeiting measure, which can be used for different types of closures as well.

BERICAP and Thinfilm Partner to Implement Advanced Closure Technology

BERICAP and Thin Film Electronics ASA, the global leader in near field communications (NFC) solutions, have signed a Letter of Intent for an exclusive joint partnership to develop fully integrated digital authentication solutions for closures in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and industrial applications.

The collaboration will embed advanced chips into the closures, to create dependable and cost-effective solutions for brand protection and authentication purposes.

NFC-enabled solutions; anti-counterfeiting

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