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BERICAP's child-resistant closures (CRC)

The trend to greater consumer safety rightfully increases the demand for child-resistant packaging. We offer a wide range of effective child-resistant closures (CRC), ranging from 28 mm to 60 mm. Most closures have a press & turn functions. All our respective closures are certified ISO 8317 child-resistant with the related container or bottle.

We are in close contact with official institutes testing packaging for conformity with child safety regulations, and we offer our support to customers.
Child resistance solutions for household chemicals

Child resistance for household chemicals

We know, that in addition to having mildly adverse though to seriously toxic effects when swallowed, household chemical agents may contain flammable or corrosive substances. Therefore we offer our customers child protection closures as a solution to ensure that household chemicals packaging cannot be opened accidentally or by young children.

BERICAP’s OTC pharma closures for child-safe, senior-friendly packaging

Child safety is very important and essential. Especially in the pharma sector. On the other hand, the increasing number of 'silver agers' or our 'aging population' must be borne in mind. With all due care, closures also need to be opened easily.

Key characteristics are:
  • BERICAP child resistant closures (CRC) are ISO 8317 certified with corresponding containers
  • Senior-friendly instructions in letters or pictograms
  • Applicable for standard necks or apertures
  • Re-sealable
  • Technical support for capping
Child resistance safe closures

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