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Car care

We’re experts through tradition. Knowing the special needs of the automotive industry. Since the company’s founding, the BERICAP product portfolio perfectly covers our customers’ requirements in all specific applications: from tamper evident screw caps with different liner systems to closure systems with flow control features, counterfeiting protection, suitable for UN approval and with child resistance built in. Just like our clients, we act globally and commit ourselves to highest technical quality. BERICAP manufactures automotive closures in many of their plants, all DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, thereby ensuring additional security for many of our products.

No matter if small or extra-large, blow-molded or metal: Our closure solutions guarantee excellent functionality and a long shelf life through high physical and chemical aging resistance. They include features for complete drainability, discharge without losses and clean and controlled pouring without spillages, with safe re-closing to protect your filled product, consumers and the environment. Our pull-up spouts allow glug-free pouring from 3ltr-10ltr containers, while our pouring inserts ensure clean and controlled pouring as well as jet positioning - even from large containers and in combination with a standard screw cap.


Several DIN 45, DIN 55 and DIN 60 closures can be equipped with an "anti glug" insert, which provides for steady pouring. We also offer a venting screw for glug-free pouring from large containers.

For consumption in small portions, we now offer our new DIN 60 TAP, which has an breakable seal to apply a standard tab. By screwing the top tab into the closure the seal opens smoothly allowing repeated consumption via the tab.
Dispensing with anti glug insert
Technical service

Technical service at its best

All our production sites guarantee competent technical customer service, supporting our clients in effective application of our closures. Based on our extensive know-how, we help our customers through the safe application, increased line efficiency and smooth integration of our products. For further convenience, we provide neck gauges and chucks suitable for our closures, as well as our own capping heads.

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