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Blow-molded containers with DIN closures are used for industrial as well as food products. From liquids for the automotive industry or agro chemicals to paints, varnish and other chemicals through to vinegar, ketchup or edible oils in large containers - the product variety and therefore the requirements for containers and closures are wide-ranging. 

We offer a broad range of closures for blow-molded containers fitting all major neck sizes, such as DIN 42, DIN 45, DIN 55 and DIN 60. Our closure program encompasses screw caps, spout and child resistant variants. Depending on their usage, closures are UN approved for transport of dangerous goods - together with corresponding containers. Most of our screw caps can also be equipped with a venting feature.

All BERICAP closures are noted for their attractive and modern design that facilitates easy handling, smooth opening and safe application. They are protected by a tamper evidence band that is put under the closure, which prevents breaking during transport but easily breaks when opening. In order to guarantee product safety and quality, all closures are assembled on fully automatic and process-controlled assembly machines that are state-of-the-art. 

Committed to serving the blow-molded industry - BERICAP closure systems satisfy each and every demand.

See the new BERICAP DIN 60 TAP in action

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Several DIN 45, DIN 55 and DIN 60 closures can be equipped with an "anti glug" insert, which provides for steady pouring. We also offer a venting screw for glug-free pouring from large containers.

For consumption in small portions, we now offer our new DIN 60 TAP, which has an breakable seal to apply a standard tab. By screwing the top tab into the closure the seal opens smoothly allowing repeated consumption via the tab.
Dispensing with anti glug insert
UN Test for blow molded & metal containers and closures

UN Test for blow molded & metal containers and closures

We at BERICAP are experts in UN approval of containers for transport of dangerous goods. Our laboratory comes with state-of-the art equipment to test the packaging - consisting of container and closure - before submitting the packaging to official UN approval institutes. We maintain close contact with these external experts in order to chieve the highest UN packaging certificate validation. We support the safety of our customer’s products during transportation.

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