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As a major closure supplier to the agrochemical industry, we are well-known for our broad technical know-how and in-depth understanding of the market built up over three decades. 
We offer closure solutions for each container type varying from HDPE and PET containers to bag-in-box systems. Closure solutions are mainly screw cap for all major neck sizes - from 28 mm to 63 mm - with different lining options. Our portfolio covers screw caps with tamper evidence band, which is difficult to manipulate and allows the use of PE foamed liner. Closures can be equipped with different anti-counterfeiting options like laser coding, security label, embossing/debossing, lencticular image and many others. We also offer child resistant closures.

Our global network secures product availability and technical support worldwide. In order to guarantee product safety and quality, the assembly of all BERICAP closures is fully automated and process-controlled.

Tamper evidence

Our assortment offers many types of tamper evidence options. The most common is our slit-flex-band, which allows easy applications, productivity improvement but at the same time superior tamper evidence and retaining of the tamper evidence band at the container neck.

Tamper evidence
anti-counterfeit solutions

Counterfeit protection

Product counterfeiting is a sensitive problem with serious consequences when it comes to products of high value, brand protection and consumer safety. We offer a wide range of anti-counterfeit solutions, ranging from hard-to-manipulate tamper evidence bands to security labels, special engraving and laser codes in a variety of formats and designs.

BERICAP’s child-resistant closures (CRC)

The trend to more consumer safety rightfully increases the demand for child resistant packaging. We offer a wide range of effective child resistant closures, ranging from 28 mm to 60 mm. Most closures have a press & turn functions. All our respective closures are ISO 8317 child resistant certified with the related container or bottle.
Child-resistant closures

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