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We offer safe closure systems of high quality and with convenient consumer handling for PET and as glass or metal containers. All BERICAP closures include sealing liners and tamper evidence systems in terms of tear-off bands, bridges or a tear-out membrane, coming with drip-free pouring lips and allow different design features for shelf differentiation, e.g. through outside prints.

But standing still is moving backwards. That is why we are successfully driving progress in product and market development. Taking the trend towards light-weight packaging into consideration, BERICAP has been pushing forward light weight initiatives and the introduction of economic and environmentally friendly closure solutions for vinegar with a completely new neck finish in the new 26/21mm dimension standard.


BERICAP 2-Flow. Control the flow you need

Our BERICAP 2-Flow closure has an innovative flow control system. This allows consumers better and precise dosing of the product. Another remarkable aspect of our BERICAP 2-Flow is the softly-opening membrane.

With BERICAP 2-Flow, users can choose two ways of use: maximum flow or minimum flow for dressing.

Videos are also available on the BERICAP YOUKU channel (Chinese video channel)
BERICAP X-Flow closure: perfect dosing of edible oil

BERICAP X-Flow: perfect dosing of liquids

BERICAP X-Flow allows to pour liquids like edible oil, soya or vinegar with a constant flow – independent of the pouring angle of the bottle. X-Flow has two pouring holes – one for a large constant flow and one for a small constant flow. BERICAP X-Flow provides maximum convince to your customers

Decoration for food closures

We offer a wide range of embossing and engraving options to enhance brand identity. We offer side wall printing in one or two colors. In addition we offer UTC (Under The Closure) promotion using laser print.
Decoration Food
Tamper evidence of plastic closure

Tamper evidence

Many of our closures are equipped with tamper evidence features, assuring the integrity of the product, such as:
  • Outside tear-off band to remove on first opening
  • Tear-off membrane to remove on first opening
  • Molded bridges to break on first opening by lifting the overcap and / or by lifting the circular handle
  • Transparent overcap, allowing the presence of the tear-off membrane to be seen 

Of course, all of our tamper evidence solutions undergo extensive quality and functional testing.

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