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Liquors / Spirits

We’re experts in what we do. This also applies to closures for liquors / spirits. BERICAP has been producing non-refillable liquor / spirits closures with advanced tamper evidence features since 2004. We offer both high-performance plastic and aluminum closures for non-refillable bottles.

One of key features of our liquor / spirits closures’ is our proven tamper evidence system which prevents unauthorized re-filling. BERICAP’s aluminum sleeve is slit to form four bridges, which clearly separates the upper and lower parts. The closure makes a perceptible sound only during the first opening, after the bridges are broken. The inner of the closure has a 2 mm colored stripe, which is clearly visible after the first opening and re-closing. If high torque is applied to remove the red stripe, the aluminum shell will be permanently damaged on the top surface. Additionally, a glass ball and plastic valve prevent re-filling. For PET bottles, we provide a screw cap with a decorated overcap and visible tamper evidence, as well as a non-refill screw cap for press-on application. 

The same concept can be used for cocktail syrup container with an enlarged flow area. We also offer various solutions for customized liquor / spirits closures with various decoration options.

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