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Sports caps

Doing things straightforwardly means putting the focus on the product as a whole. This applies notably to products where consumer convenience determines success or failure. Sports caps have gained enormously in importance, and they have to satisfy the highest standards in terms of convenience.
The BERICAP closure program pays particular attention to the demands of drink on-the-go consumers.
We offer three main sports cap variants:
  • Crystal
  • Thumb Up
  • Push Pull next generation

offers modern design and is suitable for still mineral waters.
Thumb Up
is appropriate for still mineral waters, Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and passes cold, as well as dry and wet aseptic contamination testing.
Push Pull next generation
Perfectly matched for the same range of applications as Thumb Up, but also passes hot filling testing. Our Push Pull next generation is an aluminum-free sports cap.

Aseptic Filling

Most products in the JETS market (pure juices & nectars, fruit drinks, energy & sports drinks and RTD teas) use aseptic as well as hot filling processes. The closure program for aseptic filling contains flat caps as well as different types of sports caps (PushPull and ThumbUp) in numerous variants and for different neck types.
Aseptic Filling
Hot filling

Hot filling

Hot filling processes as commonly used in the JETS market, are a particular challenge for packages and closures. Being filled at a temperature of +85-88°C, inverted for closure and head-space pasteurization, optionally exposed to a hot shower (+65°C) for up to ten minutes (predominantly in Asia) and finally cooled down to < +40°C the closures need to withstand hydrostatic bottle expansion and inflation and guarantee tight during the entire hot filling process. Our closure program is also suitable for high pressure processing.

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