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Food and Beverages

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Aseptic filling

While syrups are predominantly cold-filled, fillers of most products within the JETS market (Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups) use aseptic as well as hot filling processes. The closure program for aseptic filling including high pressure processing contains flat caps as well as different types of sports caps (PushPull and ThumbUp) in numerous variants and for different neck types from 26 mm to 38 mm. 

The BERICAP closures easily resist wet spray and bath decontamination as well as dry decontamination processes. They incorporate unique bore seal technologies that ensure tightness against penetration of micro-organisms and longer shelf-life of the beverages. Bottles with BERICAP closures withstand overpressure of nitrogen that helps to eliminate oxygen from headspace and add rigidity.

Closures for aseptically filled products must ensure product integrity. Smallest imperfection in the sealing system lead to product fermentation and subsequent losses. BERICAP production quality control system ensures a perfect quality of sealing elements.

Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups (JETS)

Markets with a large product variety need closure solutions which offer the same diversity. The BERICAP closure program for the JETS (Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups) includes solutions for the whole product range and is applicable to hot as well as aseptic filling processes. We offer flat caps as well as sports caps (PushPull and ThumbUp). Numerous closure decorations or customization options are available.
Various other closure solutions, e.g. for beverage cartons, PET dispensers and metal containers, are available as well.
Sports caps

Sports caps

We offer next generation sports caps for all common neck variants as PushPull and ThumbUp variants. All BERICAP sports caps are suitable for still water, juices, RTD teas, sports and isotonic drinks and are suitable to hot fill (85°C/185°F) and all aseptic application types.

Our quality process

All BERICAP closures are absolutely mature in terms of technical design. They are safe for high-speed filling lines and have extremely low defect rates (< 1/10,000). They are sufficient for use in each geographical temperature zone, applicable to low surface tension products and satisfy the highest convenience demands.
Opening Performance Tester

Opening performance OPT

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