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Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups (JETS)

Markets with broad product variety need closure solutions which offer the same diversity. The BERICAP closure program for JETS (Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups) includes solutions for the whole product range, applicable to both hot fill and aseptic filling processes. We offer flat caps as well as sports caps (e.g. PushPull and ThumbUp) in different diameters.

Consumer convenience and lightweight of packaging have been strong trends. Commercial pressure has driven weight so far that consumer convenience has been impacted. BERICAP provides the right balance with lightweight closures simultaneously offering convenient grip facilitating ease of opening. All BERICAP closures are absolutely mature in terms of technical design. Our closures are safe for high-speed filling lines and have extremely low reject rates (< 1/10,000). They are suitable for use in every geographical temperature zone, fit for low surface-tension products like sports drinks and satisfy the highest convenience requirements in terms of easy opening and re-closing. Naturally, all BERICAP closures come with a reliable tamper evidence band. Top printing and laser printing are available, along with a wide variety of different colors.

New BERICAP safe pressure release: safe venting

Customization: overcaps and custom design

One of the most significant insights in marketing is that product customization influences consumer behavior. In recent years, our customers have regularly demanded personalized and customized products.

We offer customized designs and overcaps. Overcaps can be used for small volume promotions or for long term customization of the package. BERICAP overcaps can be clipped onto almost all screw caps available in our portfolio.
Customization, Overcaps and custom design of plastic caps and closures
Customization of plastic caps and closures

Decoration, printing and embossment

We offer numerous solutions so that your package stands out at point of sale. Our solutions include top printing, embossing, debossing, laser coding and pad printing (Tampo print).

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