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Hot filling

Hot filling processes as commonly used in the JETS (Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups) market, are a particular challenge for packages and closures. Being filled at a temperature of +85-88°C, inverted for closure and headspace pasteurization and finally cooled down to < 40°C, the closures need to withstand hydrostatic bottle contraction and guarantee a tight seal during the entire hot filling process.

BERICAP closures for hot filling process stabilize the bottle neck and prevent deformation due to the unique DoubleSeal technology. Thus they ensure a tight seal despite the high temperature treatment. The DoubleSeal system allows thinner neck walls to be used, which lightens the bottle weight and promises convenience for the consumer when opening.

Sports caps for JETS

We offer PushPull Next Generation and ThumbUp for all common neck variants for aseptically filled juices and drinks. The closures are suitable for wet and dry aseptic filling, while only the PushPull Next Generation is suitable for hot filling process (no aluminum foil for tight seal necessary) at 85°C/185°F.
Sports caps for JETS
Customization of plastic caps and closures

Decoration, printing and embossment

We offer numerous solutions so that your package stands out at point of sale. Our solutions include top printing, embossing, debossing, laser coding and pad printing (Tampo print).

Customization: overcaps and custom design

One of the most significant insights in marketing is that product customization influences consumer behavior. In recent years, our customers have regularly demanded personalized and customized products.

We offer customized designs and overcaps. Overcaps can be used for small volume promotions or for long term customization of the package. BERICAP overcaps can be clipped onto almost all screw caps available in our portfolio.
Customization, Overcaps and custom design of plastic caps and closures
Quality inspection

Our quality process

Closures for hot filled products must ensure product integrity. The smallest imperfection in the sealing system leads to product fermentation and subsequent losses. The BERICAP production quality control system ensures perfect sealing element quality.

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