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Home & Office Delivery (HOD)

The market for Home & Office Delivery (HOD) of water has been growing continuously in recent years. While employers and home consumers alike appreciate the comfort, suppliers still struggle with poor neck quality and therefore leaking bottles, counterfeits, and high-weight solutions. We produce closures for 5 gallon containers, as well as closures for the 48 mm neck for 5 to 10 liter bottles.

We offer 1-piece closure solutions for the low cost / low performance equipment market. For customers requiring 100% leak-free solutions, our 2-piece and 3-piece closure solutions are the perfect solution. The seal is formed by bi-injection and seals even on poor necks - predominantly on polycarbonate bottles/containers.

For the recent trend of switching polycarbonate containers to PET containers, we offer a 1-piece closure solution which seals tightly.
For 5 to 10 liter containers (mainly with 48 mm neck finish), we offer a simple screw cap, handles as well as a closures with central piercing for dispensers.

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