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Food & Beverages

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Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water need special handling. While unavoidable damage to PET bottle necks can occur accidentally, even small scratches on the inside bore seal or dents on the outside surface of the neck are likely to endanger product quality. BERICAP developed the specific DoubleSealâ„¢ technology, which, as the name implies, copes with this minor damage by providing two seals: one on the inner surface and one on the outer. BERICAP closures with the DoubleSealâ„¢ technology can reliably compensate this minor damage. It has been used commercially since 1998 in all climatic zones. Many billions are produced every year in the various BERICAP locations. It is resistant to temperature peaks during transport. Naturally, customized designs are available.

Besides CSD, the DoubleSealâ„¢ technology is applicable to still products with or without nitrogen, hot filled or aseptically filled products, and for all products requiring enhanced sealability of the package.

Lab testing

Packaging control and approval requires well-equipped laboratories, such as we operate in on at least one location in every continent.
For packaging approval of carbonated soft drinks and water, we are able to perform all necessary tests, from carbonation retention to pressure tightness, removal and application performance and more.
Lab testing
Decoration, printing and embossment of plastic caps and closures

Decoration, printing and embossment

We offer numerous solutions so that your package stands out at point of sale. Our solutions include top printing, embossing, debossing, laser coding and pad printing (Tampo print).


Our BERICAP StackCap is suitable for carbonated beverages. Grooves on the closure side, along with a clipping ring on the top, allow later use of the closure as a children's toy.
BERICAP StackCap for carbonated beverages
Technical service: Supporting our clients in effective application of our plastic closures

Technical service at its best

All our production sites guarantee competent technical customer service, supporting our clients in effective application of our closures. Based on our extensive know-how, we help our customers with the safe application, increased line efficiency and smooth integration of our products. For further convenience, we provide neck gauges and chucks suitable for our closures, as well as our own capping heads.

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