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Beer filled in PET bottles has become increasingly important over the last few years. Both fillers and consumers appreciate the advantages of modern PET packaging. Besides the general benefits of PET bottles, namely their light weight and the fact that they are unbreakable and hygienic, PET avoids the main disadvantages of cans while being comparable in terms of price. Unlike to cans, PET bottles are re-closable. The beer inside is visible through the bottle, and marketing areas can be placed on labels as well as on the closure.

BERICAP has been supported the development of beer filled in PET bottles from the very beginning. More than 9 bn closures for the beer industry have been produced since 2003. As global player with a primary focus on quality and innovation, we have been making strong efforts to promote PET for filled beer. Our closures can withstand pasteurization processes at 65°C for 20 minutes after cold filling, which is a common practice especially for beer mix drinks. We offer detailed knowledge in aspects such as superior lining systems, O2 reduction using an in-shell molded liner which is absorbs the O2 remaining in the headspace, and conversion of filling lines

DS SuperShorty® O2S and DoubleSealâ„¢ O2S

  • In evaluating a PET package for beer, it should be tested for the bottle/closure combination! A cheaper bottle and more expensive closure may be as efficient as an expensive bottle and a cheaper closure.
  • DoubleSealâ„¢ O2S (PCO 1810) has been in use for beer in PET since September 2003. The tests show good performance for multilayer bottles and coated bottles capped with DoubleSeal O2S.
  • Taste tests performed by several famous brewers confirm the performance of DoubleSeal for beer in PET.
  • DoubleSealâ„¢ SuperShorty® O2S (PCO 1881) has been in use for beer in PET since March 2007 and offers substantial savings on material with PCO 1881
  • The crown look provides appealing package design, as is standard with glass bottles.
SuperShorty PCO 1881

Technical service at its best

All our production sites guarantee competent technical customer service, supporting our clients in effective application of our closures. Based on our extensive know-how, we help our customers with the safe application, increased line efficiency and smooth integration of our products. For further convenience, we provide neck gauges and chucks suitable for our closures as well as our own capping heads.
Technical service
BERICAP technology for oxygen-sensitive drinks in PET bottles such as beer and juices

BERICAP technology for oxygen-sensitive drinks in PET bottles such as beer and juices

Our closures for oxygen scavenging (O2S) are generally screw caps with an in-shell molded O2S liner. This technology was developed as early as 2000. We offer closures in different diameters with O2S for cold-filled beer (which can be pasteurized after filling) for juices filled in wet or dry aseptic processs, and for hot filled products - in principle for all O2 sensitive products.

Oxygen scavenging reduces the O2 in the headspace after filling but also reduces oxygen transmission during distribution throuhg to consumption. 

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