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News from BERICAP

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Sustainable development

BERICAP supplies closures made from sustainable resin to meet milk consumers’ demand for “Bio” milk

BERICAP has produced its first test production of closures manufactured from sugar cane derived resin. The project was made in collaboration with a leading milk producer, and a well-known European supermarket.

When a trustful partnership leads to great innovations

Trust is one of the most important foundations of all business relationships. What sounds obvious, is in fact a long process that will never be completed, since gaining trust is the one thing, but keeping it is based on continuously good practice.
Liu Chen Bai, Vice-President of Suzhou Zi Jin Plastic

Convincing Chinese doubters - A success story of precision, quality and innovative strength.

BERICAP China and Suzhou Zi Jin Plastic Co., Ltd wrote a success story without compare and showed that a relationship among equals leads to optimum results for all parties.
innovative drinks

Divas - innovative drinks meeting all the criteria of a healthy lifestyle

DIVAS drink INTERNATIONAL a.s. was established in 2010 in Slovakia. The main goal of the company is to bring the wind of change in the beverages sector, to create new innovative beverages, meeting all the criteria of a healthy lifestyle with elements of modern design and use of natural ingredients.
Christoph Thünemann

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