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News from BERICAP

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News from Drinktec

Budenheim 2017-09-06 BERICAP participated as an exhibitor at this year’s Drinktec in Munich. The closure manufacturer and global operator presented it’s tried-and tested closure systems and new product features in hall A4/502.

Lighter closure and lighter neck – has the trend stopped?
During the last 10 years the market saw a trend towards lighter necks and closures. This trend continues even though one must admit that the savings potential is smaller than before. BERICAP exhibited lighter neck solutions for carbonated beverages and still water. At the same time, one can observe that the light weight trend has lead to closure solutions which are so light and small that consumers have a challenge to open the bottle. BERICAP offers for every light neck closure solutions for enhanced consumer convenience.
One example is the HexaLite 26/13.

Lightweight yet user-friendly closure solutions for still water BERICAP HexaLite® 26mm
The emphasis in the past was on reducing the weight of closures, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Cost savings and an improved carbon footprint were a priority, whilst consumer convenience was not taken into account.
BERICAP initially developed lightweight closures in response to market demand.
Developing new closures for a new light 26/22 PET neck resulted in weight savings for closure and neck of 33% compared to their predecessors.
However, the new closures were low in (grip)height – only 10.5mm – making it awkward for the consumer to open the closures.
As a consequence, BERICAP developed closures for 26mm PET necks, which are higher and allow convenient opening due to a good grip height. In addition, the lightweight necks were maintained and the little extra weight to achieve a higher closure was insignificant.
The new caps are virtually of the same weight but look more substantial and are now easier for customers to handle.
All HexaLite® closures have a slit and folded TE band with bridges that break easily the first time the bottle is opened. N2 dosing is feasible. The 26/22 neck type is approved by CETIE.

Conserving resources with lighter and more economical packaging and innovative closures
At Drinktec, BERICAP introduced types of closure that surpass the usual standards. Examples include closures that combine the desire for consumer convenience – such as good grip, supporting easy opening of the bottle – with optimized material usage.
This is particularly true for closures not only for still water, but also for beverages for aseptic and hot fill applications. BERICAP presented new closures for the carbonated beverage market as well.
BERICAP has also optimized its product portfolio in the area of sports caps and valves, and will be presenting new ideas and applications.

Push-Pull closure for 38mm 3start neck finish suitable for aseptic filling
For several years BERICAP has been manufacturing the Push-Pull Next Generation, suitable for aseptic filling and hot filling without the necessity of an aluminum foil. Until now the Push-Pull Next Generation existed for 38mm2start and the PCO 1810 neck finish only.
BERICAP has extended the manufacturing of the Push-Pull Next Generation to neck finishes 38mm 3start and PCO 1881 and herewith continues the successful expansion of the traditional sports caps concept. Push-pull sports caps are very traditionally designed sports caps, but encounter a continuing interest for children and sports drinks.

Package differentiation on the shelf
The selection of beverages, juices and dairy products in the super market is overwhelming. In order to stand out and attract consumers, brand owners need to differentiate their product. Differentiation via closure design is one option to accomplish this task.
BERICAP offers a set of options to customize the closure design either on a permanent basis or temporarily for promotions only. One of these options is an overcap which is flipped firmly on every standard screw cap even if the screw cap has smooth outer surfaces and no retention ring. BERICAP exhibited also other options like customized textures and engravings.

New BERICAP Sports Closure Thumb’Up Crystal
BERICAP has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a colored HDPE pourer section.
The new sports closure is designed with a tear strip, offering tamper evidence functionality for the over-cap, but it will also be available with bridges only – just break the bridges by moving the over-cap upward with the thumb.
The reactive Double Galileo hinge allows an opening angle of 180°, so that the over-cap no longer comes into contact with the cheeks. The hinge is compliant with BSDA safety standards.
Thumb’Up Crystal is available for the PCO 1881 and the 29/25 neck. It is also feasible for the 26/22 neck.