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News from BERICAP

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BERICAP strengthen its leading position

Budenheim 2018-01-15 With a broad range of product innovations, BERICAP, one of the world’s leading plastic closure manufacturers, underlines its role as impulse-generating and quality-driven player in the market. The new products lay their focus on consumer convenience as well as sustainability, but nevertheless meet the producers’ expectations towards weight-optimized packaging.

“In recent years there has been a strong trend to light weight closures which serve the functional purposes in the field of PET containers, but are difficult and inconvenient to handle by consumers” says Christoph Thünemann, Group Director Communications and Marketing at BERICAP. “With the latest product innovations and modifications, BERICAP pays more attention on convenience aspects for consumers and differentiation on the shelf.”

Consumer-convenient closures for all major PET containers
BERICAP offers closure solutions for all major PET neck finishes for carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, juices and dairy products. The latest product innovation is BERICAP NEO 30/17, a weight-optimized closure for the well-known neck finish PET 30/25. BERICAP NEO provides easy application, a good grip, safe tamper evidence and low, consumer-convenient removal torques – attributes that make it a closure with positive package experience for the consumer.

For bottlers who want to take advantage of the light weight neck PET 29/25, but still lay their focus on consumer convenience, BERICAP developed the closure BERICAP HexaLite 29/13. It is available with rounded as well as straight knurls, which states a clear advantage for shelf differentiation with different outside designs.

BERICAP has added a hinge cap for small sized bottles for still water to its product portfolio - the SnapCap 26 - a hinge cap pressed on a light weight PET 26/21 neck. The closure allows to open the bottle by simply clipping back the hinged lid by 180°. BERICAP ScapCap 26 recloses safely with a click sound.

The newly designed sports cap BERICAP Crystal impresses with a transparent closure body and coloured insert. It is available with a tear strip for visible tamper evidence or with bridges which break at first opening.

Most PET bottles used for juices or dairy products have a 38mm neck finish. But from the consumers’ point of view drinking from a 33mm neck is much easier. BERICAP offers a 33mm closure that can be used for cold, cold-aseptic or hot filling and provides less weight for both closure and neck.

New closures for the food market use
Since PET is used besides the beverage market also for the food market, BERICAP additionally provides a wide range of closure solutions for all major neck finishes for edible oil, vinegar, soya sauce, ketchup and other spreadable Products.
For liquid food products, like edible oil or vinegar, BERICAP developed the new
2-Flow closure. BERICAP 2-Flow is a shaped pouring orifice which allows to pour a wide flow from the large and a well-controlled reduced flow from the small orifice. From the consumers’ point of view this is of interest when – for instance – edible oil is used with a large flow for cooking or with a small flow for salad dressing.

For spreadable food products like ketchup, mayonnaise or chocolate sauce, BERICAP’s portfolio contains hinge closures with a dispensing valve. Serving sustainability aspects, BERICAP Valve is made from TPE, allowing separation of the valve from PET during the recycling process. The BERICAP Valve is food approved also for fatty Products.

Global Presence
Besides innovation and quality aspects, BERICAP has set itself the goal to further strengthen its global presence. In mid-2018, the company will open a new production site north of Mexico City/Mexico. “The new BERICAP site and the Mexican team will ensure that we offer our customers first-class global service to make them benefit from our technical expertise and innovative developments”, says Thünemann.

In Nairobi/Kenya, a new BERICAP warehouse was recently put into operation in order to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and wishes with a local focus on Kenya, Uganda and Somalia.

“All our production sites and subsidiaries all over the world guarantee a competent technical customer service, supporting our clients with the effective application of our closures. Based on our vast know-how, we help our customers with safe applications, increased line efficiency and a smooth integration of our products”, concludes Thünemann.