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We are one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic closures with own factories serving customers all around the world.

Our success as a company relies on the personal engagement of our employees. We recognize and emphasize the importance of good, well trained, motivated and dedicated people cooperating and communicating as a team at all levels of our companies. We encourage our staff to develop their strengths, and we recognize their achievements.

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Our mission forward

As we operate in many different countries, we must respect the culture and mentality of our employees in these countries. Mutual respect between all BERICAP employees of whatever nation and transfer of know-how is the base of our success. We believe people are the most important assets of our company. We must develop our employees to be motivated towards working together as a team to meet the objectives of our MISSION.

BERICAP is decentralized as much as possible and relies on entrepreneurial, professional and loyal General Managers.

Career and career planning

We pay special attention to the development of one's own offspring.
  • We offer both commercial and technical training courses. With the generally intended takeover of our trainees in a long-term employment relationship, we compensate for personnel shortages and offer a good career perspective.
  • For targeted recruitment of junior staff we take part in training fairs and offer
  • Internships and Master theses.
  • We plan re-occupations early due to retirement and ensure the proper handover and training of successors.

The BERICAP mission

We want to be known as the closure company which contributes most to our customers' success. We are working to invent, develop, manufacture, market and consistently supply world class high value-added plastic closures and dispensers, preferably with our own proprietory technology.

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We offer job opportunities for everyone, from students to professionals. Become part of the BERICAP team!
We offer a vibrant working environment with international exposure and in contact with numerous global players in the food, beverage and industrial sectors.

As a so called HIDDEN CHAMPION, we offer your
path for local as well as for international careers