Light and innovative: BERICAP closures at Brau

BERICAP will be participating once more as an exhibitor at this year’s Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. The closure manufacturer and global operator will present its tried-and-tested closure systems and new product features in hall 4, booth 4-515.

Weight savings with innovative closures
There is an unrelenting level of interest in the subject of ‘Lightweight’ closures.
In addition to cost savings through lighter closures, this also addresses the sparing use of non-renewable resources and the alleviation of the impact of greenhouse gases. BERICAP has already been able to convert a large portion of its different beverage closures into lighter weight versions that fit the respective lightweight bottlenecks. The resulting savings in granulate permit a significant annual reduction in CO2 production.
In the past, producers concentrated on reducing the closure weight, in particular for the food and beverage industry, while concentrating on cost saving and on improving the carbon footprint. The adaptation to the need of users was paid less attention to.
On the Brau, BERICAP shows types of closures, which will combine the desire of customer satisfaction with an optimized employment of materials. This applies in particular to stoppers for still waters, but also for products filled in aseptically and in particular for beverages filled in hot. BERICAP will also present new developments for the sparkling products market.

BERICAP's new closure solution for hot filling
Customer-friendly handling, cost saving by reduction of weight and perfect product safety must not necessarily contradict each other, as is shown by the new 33mm BERICAP closures for hot filling.
Compare with the 38mm system, employing the 33mm closure system (including the bottleneck) results in a weight saving of approx. 40%.
The well-known DoubleSeal System of the closure enables the implementation of a threaded neck thickness of only 1.5 mm, as this system prevents the threaded neck to taken an oval shape during hot filling and thus reliably guarantees continuous product integrity.
For customers preferring the 38mm closure size, BERICAP offers a lighter closure variant, which also permits the use of a threaded neck of only 1.5mm thickness and thus contributes to a significant saving of weight.
BERICAP offers push-pull sports closures matching with the relevant threaded neck, for outdoor consumption and consumption during sport. The flow volume through this closure is bigger than average and thus increases the tasting experience for the consumer.
An aluminium foil is not needed, which makes handling for the consumer easy.
Push-pull closures for hot filling into 28 or 38mm are feasible, too.


        Illustration: DoubleSeal 33/15 SFB HF 


         Illustration: PushPull NG 33/33 HF


BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation – filling without aluminium foil
Sports Closures for hot and cold aseptic fillings

Sport closures are best suited for consumption when on the move, when travelling or when doing sport; always on those occasions where the consumer wants to open and close their drinking bottle rapidly and simply.
The BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation meets this requirement. This closure does not require aluminium foil as a seal, is easy to open and to reclose and meets all the requirements of a modern, environmentally-friendly and customer-friendly package.

Thanks to its user-friendly functionality, the consumer can enjoy a drink immediately after removing the protective cap. What is more, thanks to its flow rate - approx. 30% higher than that of conventional products - this sports closure has achieved increasing acceptance in the market since its launch in 2010.
The 3-piece PUSH PULL Next Generation is equipped with DoubleSeal™ technology that has also been successfully used for other BERICAP closures in the beverage industry.
The 38mm sports closure has so far been used for aseptic fillings and is appropriate for wet and dry sterilization processes.
The successful qualification of the 33mm PushPull Next Generation for the hot filling process by a multinational beverage filler in Latin America is a further step forward.
This closure type, PUSH PULL, is another innovative step that allows drinks to be dispensed without removing an aluminium foil seal.


Figure: BERICAP PUSH PULL Sports Cap Next Generation 38mm

Lightweight  and easy undoing of closures for still water
The last few years have seen a significant drive for reductions in the cost of packaging across all beverages alongside an improvement in the carbon footprint of the package. Reducing the weight of packaging, of course, makes a lot of sense in a growing beverage market, in particular the still water market.
Responding to market requirements, BERICAP has developed a lighter weight closure for its customers. Called HexaLite® 29/11, it fits a 29/25 mm neck size – the weight saving compared with a former 30/25 neck and closure combination is as much as 33%.
People were initially happy to cut costs and improve the carbon footprint of their packages. Gradually, though, marketers realised that consumers were not absolutely happy with the new trend, because the height of just 11mm made it rather more difficult to open the bottles, thus reducing consumer convenience. Simply having a lightweight closure and neck was obviously not the ultimate goal any longer. The new target was defined as “lightweight, but not at the expense of consumer convenience”.
Accepting that design challenge, BERICAP developed the HexaLite® 29/13. The height of 13mm allows the same grip height already known from the previous 30/25mm closure generation. It is easy for the consumer to open such a closure, and the new closure design also supports a high quality appearance.
The HexaLite® 29/13 fits the lightweight 29/25 neck. The weight difference compared with the HexaLite® 29/11 closure and neck combination is negligible.
The closure was recently introduced in UK and already enjoys an excellent reputation in the market.
In consequence, BERICAP has also developed a new HexaLite® 26/13 closure fulfilling the same targets as mentioned above, but for the 26mm lightweight neck. The 13mm high closure ensures a good grip that allows the consumer to open the bottle, it can be applied onto the lightweight 26mm neck and the closure itself is only slightly heavier than the HexaLite 26/10 introduced 3 years ago.
Both HexaLite® 29/13 and 26/13 closures are equipped with a slit flexband, supporting easy application and reliable tamper evidence functionality. Nitrogen dosing is possible where bottlers want to use lightweight bottles and need to add nitrogen to stabilize the bottle.
Both 29/25 and 26/22 neck types are standard necks approved by CETIE.

Consumer friendly and convenient: HexaLite® 29/13

Dispensing Valve from BERICAP
Dosing valve BericapValve consisting of TPE-material

BERICAP has introduced the dosing valve 'BERICAPValve' into the market successfully since more than a year.
The speciality of the BERICAPValve is the use of TPE material. This material has the advantage, that – other than the commercial silicon valves – it avoids material contamination in the recycling process.
You have the choice of valve types in differing rigidity grades for the different filling products such as e.g. ketchup, chocolate syrup, body lotion and pharmaceutical products with their individual viscosities. These valves provide for an even and easy taking of the product already with pressing slightly. Also products containing pieces such as e.g. in cocktail sauces are easy to dose with the BERICAPValve.
Apart from its consumer-friendly handling, the BERICAPValve scores with its superior tightness with all viscous products.
BERICAP offers a wide product range of hinged closures, into which the dosing valve BericapValve can be inserted, but in its own R & D centres BERICAP can also develop custom-made designs.

Illustration: Closure with valve                                          Illustration: Valve

New flip top press-on closure for 29/21 PET neck
The recently introduced CTC IP 29/19 and CTC IP 29/20, developed and produced by BERICAP Spain, are trendy new closures for the edible oil market delivering both cleanliness and functionality.
The newly designed closure is unique – and a filled product appearing with such a classy closure on the shelf is bound to attract consumers and generate sales.
Besides its elegant appearance, the closure also scores with other attributes that increase convenience for the consumer. The tamper evidence band is designed for left and right-hand opening. Once the flip top is opened with just the thumb, a second tamper evidence function in the form of a tear-off membrane safeguards product integrity. Easy pouring is supported by an integrated marguerite flow control. After pouring, a non-drip lip keeps the neck clean from oil, ensuring the bottle remains clean as well.
Re-closing is as easy as re-opening – one thumb is all that is needed.
The new 2-piece closure is available in two different colours. The outside shell can be a different colour to the marguerite flow control inside.
The new closure has recently been introduced by a leading filler of vinegar in Germany.


         Illustration: CTC IP 29/20

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