BERICAP’s stylish new press-in hinge closure for metal cans

An innovative closure for metal cans ensures robustness and reliability while delivering flexibility and beauty!

With a strong and long-standing track record of capping metal containers with state of the art LDPE pourer devices, BERICAP is now also introducing a major innovative concept for metal can markets in general and businesses in the syrup industry that use metal cans in particular.
These markets traditionally use 2-pieces closures comprising a screw-on top fitting and a threaded pourer pressed into the metal can piercing. This proven solution generally offers the best tightness and robustness against counterfeiting.
The metal can market is a fairly conservative market, so it is a real challenge for the manufacturer, can-maker and bottler to develop a new closure concept and launch it on the market.
In its VU HC SK 27/25, Bericap is delivering a new concept consisting of a 1-piece hinged PP closure fitting its existing pourer range from 24 to 32 piercing diameters. No more headaches for the bottler trying to configure a new closure for the preferred metal can – he can simply use the existing approved pourer on the same piercing. The only change is the flip-top closure for the appropriate pourer, which comes with a reactive hinge made of PP to allow transparency and light. 
Product integrity is ensured by means of a tear-off membrane which can be torn away after the hinged overcap has been opened. Clean pouring is enabled by an anti-drip feature on the pourer part.

Illustration: Hinge Screw Closure - VU HC SK 27/25. A new syrup closure for metal containers from BERICAP

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