BERICAP introduces ultralight water closures

Success for extension of the HexaLite range fitting a 29mm neck

The market environment and other current trends mean that cutting the cost of packaging is still of huge importance across all beverages. The fast-growing still water market is one of the markets looking for low-weight options.

BERICAP, the leading global supplier to the beverage industry, also supplies significant volumes to the water industry. Using its wide knowledge to develop new closures, BERICAP has extended its HexaLite range in response to market requirements with HexaLite® UL 29/11 SFB, fitting a 29/25 mm neck size. The weight saving compared with a former 30/25 neck and closure combination is as much as 37%.

Beside other BERICAP locations, this closure is now being produced for water at BERICAP Egypt and has since been introduced successfully onto the Egyptian market. A multinational player in the water market has opted for the closure, using it for different bottle sizes.

The market introduction of the new ultralight closure, the lightest closure in the Egyptian market, started in January 2015 and gave new stimulus to the market.

The HexaLite Ultra Lite UL 29/11 SFB is equipped with a slit flexband, supporting easy application and reliable tamper evidence functionality. Nitrogen dosing is feasible where bottlers want to use lightweight bottles and need to add nitrogen to stabilize the bottle.

Hexalite Ultra Lite UL 29/11 SFB

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