BERICAP closure for electronic cigarette refills

BERICAP France (Dijon) produces a 3-piece child resist closure specially designed for the e-liquid market, which can be used for refills of electronic cigarettes.

The newest BERICAP closure is called e-smoCap™ and it is the result of a 6months market research with e-liquid players in France. Due to a significant investment in e-smoCap™ closure capacity, the new closure is now able to take a market share of the 700mio closures imported from China every year.

BERICAP shows the packaging industry a creative face in an emergent market by providing an adapted closure solution for e-liquid bottlers and consumer.

e-smoCap™  is now sold in France, Germany, UK, Poland, Italy and Greece and 100% of the new customers are fully satisfied with  the closure. 

e-smoCap™ is a closure adapted to the e-liquid market: tamper evidence thanks to a drop-band, dropper/nozzle delivered inside the closure for a faster one-step capping, long and slim dropper to fill every type of electronic cigarettes, ISO 8317 CRC certification from Laboratoire National d’Essais, controlled by French government. This new closure guarantees ergonomy, safety and security for the end-users (the vapers).

Last but not least the costumer can take advantage by buying such closures locally in Europe and of a safer and better quality packaging solution.

European PE and PET players develop different bottle designs fitting the e-smoCap™ neck finish.

Illustration : e-smoCap™ from BERICAP


For more information please contact:

Martina Mussel, Communication & Marketing

BERICAP Holding GmbH, Kirchstraße 5 , D – 55257 Budenheim

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