A new concept of plastic closure for syrup filled in metal container

For release: Dijon, 1 November 2002

BERICAP has developed a new closure with better consumer convenience for the syrup bottler SLAUR: this was done at the occasion of the renewal of their whole packaging line with new customised metal container for the supermarket chain LIDL.
The new concept is a one piece closure with hinge which can be easily opened and reclosed with one hand instead of two for the traditional two-piece dispensing closures with screwed overcap.
The specially shaped overcap is designed for easy opening.
The tear-off membrane ensures perfect tamper evidence: it give the right sealing performance as well and perfect barrier against loss of aromas.
The base of the closure is designed to provide total drainage and to adapt the standard piercing ECO 27 mm.
The closure is made out of polyethylene.
It has been developed with a special shape to match renewed aesthetics and the customised shape of the metal container

for further information: dominique-paul.vallee(at)bericap.com


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