VU HC 27/25 ECO

VU HC 27/25 ECO
2-pcs 180° opening hinge closure (PP made) screwed on a pourer part (LDPE made), which fits to a 27mm piercing of a metal container. Transparent colours offer a superb appearance. The easy to open tear-off membrane secures the integrity of the product before the first opening and is equipped with anti-drip pouring lip. The hinged overcap is featured with a bore seal type to secure a safe sealing after the first opening. Adaptation to 24 and 32mm piercing possible.

Market Category


Market Segment

Nectars / Fruit juices
Edible oil

Closure Type

Push-on cap

Closure Application


Closure / Neck Diameter

27 mm

Neck Finish

DIN 27

Container Type

Metal container

Container Material


Closure Material


Tamper Evidence

Tear-off membrane

Filling Technology

Cold filling


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