TAP 48/38 TO 1T

TAP 48/38 TO 1T
The 2-pcs closure is fitting onto PET bottles with a 1-start 48mm neck finish. The lower pourer part is secured with a tamper evidence band and the upper spout part (water Tap) is secured with a tear-off band - both proving the integrity of the filled product, is intact. Pulling up the water tap and turning it by 90 degrees opens the bottle. Tight sealing is assured by a conus in the lower pourer part of the closure.

Market Category


Market Segment

Still mineral water
Edible oil

Closure Type

Screw cap

Closure Application


Closure / Neck Diameter

48 mm

Neck Finish

PET 48 mm 1-start

Container Type

Plastic container

Container Material


Closure Material


Other Features


Tamper Evidence

Molded TE band
Tear-off band

Filling Technology

Cold filling

Sealing System

Bore seal


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