ASV 36/16MRS/SK26/13 (ELO CAP UP)

ASV 36/16MRS/SK26/13       (ELO CAP UP)
The 2-pcs closure fitment is suitable for beverage cartons with a 29mm pre-punched hole and will be weld-on before filling (pre-application). The fitment is equipped with 2 tamper evidence functions to protect the integrity of the filled product: the pourer is designed with a tear-off membrane and the screw cap provides in addition a tamper evidence band.

Market Category


Market Segment

Milk / Milk products
Nectars / Fruit juices

Closure Type

Closure fitment

Closure Application


Closure / Neck Diameter

26 mm

Container Type

Beverage carton

Container Material

Beverage carton

Closure Material


Tamper Evidence

Molded TE band
Tear-off membrane

Filling Technology

Cold filling
Hot filling

Sealing System

Bore seal


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