DS 38/15 2T SFB HF 1,5MM EWALL (3600)

DS 38/15 2T SFB HF 1,5MM EWALL (3600)
The 1-pc screw closure, PE made, with bore seal and an outer sealing lip, provides a tight seal for PET one-way bottles with 38mm 2-start hot fill neck finish. The slit flex tamper evidence band is assuring the integrity of the product and breaks reliable after first opening. The closure fits to a light weight hot fill neck with an e-wall thickness of 1,5mm only.

Market Category


Market Segment

Nectars / Fruit juices

Closure Type

1-piece screw cap

Closure Application


Closure / Neck Diameter

38 mm

Neck Finish

PET 38 mm 2-start 1
5mm e-wall

Container Type


Container Material


Closure Material


Other Features


Tamper Evidence

Slit TE band

Filling Technology

Cold filling
Hot filling
Nitrogen dosing

Sealing System

Bore seal


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