Sustainable Development

The major impact of plastic closure manufacturing to the environment originates from the emission of CO2. The analysis of the CO2 emission reveals 2 major contributors – the electricity consumption and the bought in resin. BERICAP has defined for these two contributors measures to reduce the CO2 emissions.

Reduction of CO2 emission via reduction of resin consumption

BERICAP has developed a comprehensive range of closure solutions to reduce the closure and neck weight. Some of these solutions are listed in the following:

Carbonated soft drinks

BERICAP offers for carbonated soft drinks the closure family DoubleSeal SuperShorty, suitable to the neck finish PCO 1881, providing weight savings of more than 2g per neck and closure compared with previous closure / neck solutions based on PCO 1810.

Still water

BERICAP offers for still water the closure family HexaLite which encompasses HexaLite 29/11 and the HexaLite 26/10. The HexaLite 29/11 is suitable to the neck finish PET 29/25 and replaces the former neck standard PET 30/25 and provides weight saving for closure and neck of more than 2g. The HexaLite 26/10 suitable to the neck PET 26/22 is the successor to the neck finish PET 26,7. The neck weight is below 2g and the closure weight below 1g.

Edible oil

BERICAP has developed in cooperation with industry partners the neck finish PET 26/21. BERICAP offers for this neck finish the entire range of edible oil closure solutions ranging from simple 1-piece solutions to traditional 2-piece closures or hinge closures. Weight savings for all solutions are more than 2g for closure and neck together.

Based on its light weight closure solutions BERICAP has reduced the average resin consumption per closure by more than 10% by the year 2010.


Reduction of CO2 emission via reduction of electricity consumption

BERICAP continuously invests in replacement of its older equipment in order to improve efficiency but also to reduce electricity consumption. The reduction of electricity consumption is strongly impacted by the replacement of old water cooling systems by state of the art equipment, by replacement of old injection machines by injection machines with latest technology and by integrating new concepts for injection moulds.

BERICAP has reduced the carbon emission per 1.000 closures by more than 10% since the year 2005. The above measures will allow further reduction in the years to come.

BERICAP is committed to provide its share in reduction of carbon emissions and will also promote in the future the necessary measures to reach the goal.

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