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BERICAP Introduction
BERICAP concentrates on the manufacturing and sales of plastic caps and closures for beverage, food and non-food markets.

Global presence
BERICAP runs 23 factories in 20 countries worldwide, covering Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North and South America. The global presence is continuously extended. Latest expansions were the start of a production facility in Malaysia as a hub for further expansion in Southeast Asia and a new plant in Argentina to complement the presence of BERICAP for the southern cone of South America.

Product offer
BERICAP offers a wide range of products for beverages, food and non-food industries.
The BERICAP solutions for the beverage market are of interest for bottlers of carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, juices, energy drinks, teas, syrups, milk and large volume containers for home and office delivery. The BERICAP solutions encompass 1-piece or 2-piece tamper evidence screw caps, sports caps and accessories suitable for cold, cold aseptic and hot filling. Closure solutions provide properties ranging from simple liquid tight solutions to closures for the demanding challenges of carbonated soft drinks. The closures can be equipped with oxygen scavenging capabilities or with light transmission barriers. BERICAP offers all known decoration and promotion possibilities.
BERICAP has been the inventor of the DoubleSeal system. The DoubleSeal system consists of an inner and an outer seal providing superior sealing performance for 1-piece closures. BERICAP has been involved in the development of the new low neck height standard PCO 1881.
BERICAP offers closures for aseptic and hot filling for the diameters 28, 33 and 38mm. The BERICAP closure technology provides weight reduced closure and neck solutions providing superior safety for product integrity. The weight saving is very interesting for aseptic filling and very substantial for hot filling since BERICAP closure technology allows to reduce wall thickness for hot filling. BERICAP offers for all neck finishes sports caps which perform satisfactory for aseptic and hot filling without the use of aluminum foil.

BERICAP offers within the food industry solutions for the edible oil, sauces and dressings industry. The BERICAP offer ranges from simple 1-piece closures, 2-piece closures, hinge closures to customer designed solutions and bi-injected closures. For sauces and ketchups BERICAP offers closures with customized design and optional TPE-valve for easy dispensing.
BERICAP has developed the light weight neck standard PET 26/21 together with industry partner currently in use in the edible oil industry.
BERICAP offers for the non-food sector solutions for the automotive, chemical and agrochemical industry as well as solutions for blow-molded containers, metal containers and plastic pails. The product offer is very wide, ranging from tamper evident screw caps with multiple liner options to pull-up spouts.
Current developments concentrate on closure solutions with customized design, superior tamper evidence and anti-counterfeiting features.

Innovation + mold technology
BERICAP runs 5 major R&D centers each being specialized in certain fields of closure technology. These central R&D centers are complemented by satellite R&D centers in individual plants in order to provide proximity to the market and the customers. BERICAP developed the pull-up telescopic spout for motor oil, the push-pull sports closure and the inner ring pull for edible oil. BERICAP was the first company to develop liner less closures with DoubleSeal. Its range of products includes tamper evident and child resistant systems, induction heat seal systems, gas barrier closures, oxygen scavengers, carbonation and pressure retention systems, venting caps and hot fill closures.
BERICAP runs its own manufacturing site for production of injection molds in Hungary. This service provides shorter lead times for production of injection moulds, consistency of mould design and concept for each product and fast delivery of spare parts.

Quality driven
BERICAP puts strong emphasis on quality. The best manufacturing practice in BERICAP Group is centrally coordinated and implemented at each plant to ensure superior quality. The best manufacturing practice is continuously pushed up to lift the quality level further. All BERICAP plants are ISO 9000, BRC-IOP or ISO 22.000 certified.

Until 1996 BERICAP was known as Jacob Berg GmbH & Co., the original name of the German plant, which was established in the 1920ies as a producer of metal cans made of tin plate. In 1960 the company portfolio was extended to include plastic closures which nowadays represent 100% of its sales.
The name BERICAP was born in 1981 by combining the BE from Jacob Berg and the RI of Rical the original name of the French plant → BE+RI+CAP=BERICAP.

Financial Info
BERICAP has generated in the year 2017 a sales revenue of 800 mln. EUR based on a sales volume of 80,5 bln. closures.
The group employs more than 3.500 people.

Company Mission
BERICAP wants to be known as the closure company which contributes most to our customer’s success. For more details click here.

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